Facing a claim for a lost, stolen or damaged jewelry piece?

Claimlink’s ExpressQuote continues to receive rave reviews throughout the insurance industry for being the best way to obtain free* online price quotes.

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Claimlink Jewelry Replacement’s© ExpressQuote© allows adjusters to complete the adjustment process and close the file quickly, accurately, and in a manner that keeps your policyholder with you. PriceQuote. is one of Claimlink’s most popular services, working hand-in-hand to help adjusters and policyholders through the entire jewelry price support and replacement process.

Claimlink is the industry’s most complete service of its kind, providing price quotes, replacement and salvaging through SalvagePro©, plus repair and restoration of fine jewelry and timepieces. All replacements are accompanied with detailed appraisals, photographs, and all documents to successfully close the file.

ExpressQuote is paperless and even has the ability for appraisal documents to be downloaded. You can access it from a computer or mobile device. ExpressQuote is a user-friendly, state-of-the-art, high-tech service that is free, with no obligation, to all carriers that replace jewelry. All price quote requests are responded to promptly.


* Free online price support available for companies that replace jewelry