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Monday-Saturday 10 am to 4 pm or by appointment

If you need to reach us for ANY reason, please call or text


or email us


  • ClaimTracker monitors all activity throughout the replacement process
  • Custom Design using computer-aided designs (CAD) to re-create lost articles
  • Day or evening appointments at the insured’s home or office
  • Detailed written appraisals and photographs accompany all replacements
  • Education and training through Claimlink University
  • Merchandise sent to the insured for no obligation viewing
  • No-obligation day or evening appointments at hundreds of Claimlink Showrooms
  • Salvage inspection, offers, and sealed bids using SalvagePro
  • Shipping to and from Claimlink with our exclusive insured ExpressPak
  • Unlimited price quote support using ExpressQuote online and paperless
  • Unlimited telephone support