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A distraught policyholder reports an heirloom ring stolen. It’s up to you, the adjuster, to make it right quickly, accurately, and in a manner that is satisfactory to the policyholder so that you retain that policy. If you’re not familiar with ExpressQuote©, you should be. This nationwide service provided by Claimlink Jewelry Replacement, allows you to complete the adjustment process and close the file quickly, accurately, and in a manner that keeps your policyholder with you.

Whenever a policyholder loses a piece of jewelry and submits a claim, insurance company adjusters are going to want to verify the current value based on the appraisal that was submitted to bind insurance. Adjusters turn to a jewelry replacement service to provide them with the needed information. We recently introduced ExpressQuote to speed that process, through our newly designed website. Adjusters can log in to sign up and register, which is a simple, one-time process. Once registered, the adjuster can request a written price quote. ExpressQuote is paperless and even has the ability for appraisal documents to be downloaded. You can access it from a computer or mobile device. ExpressQuote is a user-friendly, state-of-the-art, high-tech service that is free, with no obligation, to all carriers that replace jewelry. All price quote requests are responded to promptly.

ExpressQuote is one of the most popular services of Claimlink and works hand-in-hand to help adjusters and policyholders through the entire price support and replacement process. Claimlink is the industry’s most complete service of its kind, providing price quotes, replacement and salvaging through SalvagePro©, plus repair and restoration of fine jewelry and timepieces. All replacements are accompanied with detailed appraisals, photographs, and all documents to successfully close the file.

So, how does this process work?

The price quote response is promptly forwarded to the adjuster with current replacement prices. The adjuster can then assign the replacement to Claimlink through ExpressQuote. A Claimlink replacement specialist will then contact the policyholder and review the Claimlink replacement process. The specialist will work one-on-one with the policyholder to recreate that special piece of jewelry that was lost, damaged, or stolen. The entire replacement process is monitored through ClaimTracker©, keeping the policyholder in the loop, aware of the status of the replacement, as well as projected completion date.

Claimlink even forwards jewelry prototypes to the policyholders so they can preview what the finished product would look like. We also can do custom work, involving computer-aided design (CAD) The policyholder can also choose to visit one of the Claimlink regional showrooms, located throughout the country.

Claimlink offers full repair and restoration services for damaged jewelry and timepieces. All replaced high-end timepieces come with U.S. warranties from authorized dealers. And, by offering the full line of services, Claimlink saves insurers money, and helps preserve the policyholder/insurer relationship. Claimlink can provide damage reports on gemstones that might have become chipped or nicked as the result of some type of impact. We assess the value prior to the damage, the value in its current damaged state, and advise of the diminished or lost value. The policyholder can then decide whether to replace the item, or have a damaged gemstone repaired and refurbished by our gem-cutting department. If the policyholder wants to replace the item, Claimlink will use its replacement process, take possession of the damaged stone, and provide a salvage bid to the carrier.

Our replacement services receive rave reviews, both from policyholders and within the industry. Read them on our website, We were also cited for advertising excellence by Baxter Research Center for our Claims Magazine advertising. Our sister company, A.H. Fisher Diamonds is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.

Alan H. Fisher is President and Founder of Claimlink Jewelry Replacement. He can be reached at 800-537-4700 or at

Headquartered at the Jersey Shore, Claimlink maintains a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, LED-lighted showroom in Red Bank, N.J., and can also schedule private showings at its Manhattan office in the Diamond District