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Claimlink provides support to insurance carriers for replacement of lost, damaged, and stolen jewelry. We make the replacement process professional, friendly, and seamless for the insurance company claims personnel and their policyholders.

Everything You Need To Know About Lab-Grown Diamonds

Selecting a diamond for your engagement ring is a big decision. It is a significant emotional and financial undertaking, and you want to get it right. Unfortunately, understanding diamonds takes a lot of specialized knowledge that most people don’t have. And, to add...

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Three tips for adjusters to share with policyholders

Here are three tips to share with your policyholders. Sharing these tips with your policyholders will assist you and the policyholder should there be a loss. 1.    What jewelry should be insured? It’s not always about the monetary value; if a piece has sentimental...

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Jewelry Replacement Offers Savings, Reduces Fraud

Jewelry restoration and replacement services have become an invaluable asset to insurers over the past quarter century, saving insurance companies millions. This is crucial considering that some $1.5 billion in jewelry is reported lost or stolen annually (Chubb); many...

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